JRNews.net a news portal based out of India, has been recently launched by kr shuja ahmad, with a mission to bring breaking news to India. It is an online news website, which has the potential to reach out to millions of people across the world. It's a one-stop portal for all global news and current affairs, and political news from India, with special coverage of events from all parts of the world. It can be accessed at anytime of the day from any part of the world.

Unlike many other news portals in India, Jrnews.net offers global political news as well as breaking Indian political news. This means, you will get political, business, sports news, and a plethora of other related news items from all over the world. Every day, you can expect a new title from India, and a news item from around the globe. It also offers a huge archive of information on various topics, which you can browse through and even comment on. In this way, it becomes a much more user-friendly news portal than most news portals, which makes it a highly popular choice among many users.

Most news portals in India don't have the sort of flexibility and convenience that this news website enjoys. They are also not as dynamic as jrnews.net because it has a focus on india or international news only. The news category in the portal includes news from all over the world. You can search for news by categories. Unlike most news portals, you don't have to browse down the menu, select a particular news  categories or item, and then wait for the whole list to load up in front of you.

Another great thing about this news portal is that it offers the freedom to publish stories in two different versions. The standard version and the new version. Each one has its own advantages, but both are very useful for the same purpose. If you want to publish a news story in English or hindi and in Indian, you just need to make sure you can use the hindi or English  language. Also, both versions enable the user to read news headlines and summaries, as well as write their own comment on the matter.

There is also a news section called politics News or other categories, which is yet another great addition to this news website. The news category is divided into global news and local news. Global news includes breaking news from all over the world, while local news are the reports that will be relevant to your area of operation or location. The website offers a lot of interesting information, especially for people working in india or international locations.

The third section of jrnews.net features real time videos from all over the world. The videos are sourced from all major news organizations including CNN, Al Jazeera, and ndtv,cnbc,india times,the hindu, or lots of news organizations. You can view these videos from your desktop, your mobile phone, or even your web browser. You can also subscribe to email alerts, so that you will always be aware of the latest news in the world.

It is also possible for you to subscribe to RSS feeds from jrnews.net website. RSS feeds will enable you to read news stories through your email on any specific date. You may want to check this if you are planning to have a special report sent to your email on a particular day. Subscribing to an RSS feed from jrnews.net portal Jrnews.net is really simple and easy to do.

This is actually a new online news website that aims to give a unique perspective to Indian news and discussions. Unlike many news websites, Jrnews.net concentrates more on quality content than quantity, while providing news stories that are very much in demand. Their news stories are not only designed to cater to the Indian audience, but also international audiences. Apart, from that they provide exclusive and unique information. Most of their news stories are also featured on other news portals and news channels around the world.



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